Thursday, July 29, 2010

And so it begins........

This story began to write itself about 25 years ago. Now, please know I have been a student of human nature and a seeker of inspirations for much, much longer than that, but these pages will be dedicated (mostly) to things I have learned behind the chair... the salon chair, that is.

These stories will all be true, exactly as they were spoken to me (or experienced by me), of course. Some of the names will have been changed, as I am still a successful, working stylist and salon owner. There is a rather "unwritten law" that you can tell your hairdresser ANYTHING.... you know what they say, "your hairdresser, your bartender and your therapist" the holy trilogy. I will, however, allow myself the occasional embellishment or two... the extra jewel in the tiara, the extra rose on the casket, etc... After nearly two decades on my feet, I deserve that, wouldn't you say? While it is my purest intent to not betray any loyalties, I have stories that must be told, people you really have to meet, laughs that we need to share, and yes, tears that are worth shedding.

I share these stories because long ago it became clear to me that the true beauty of my profession is not just who I have touched (literally), but more importantly, how I have been touched (figuratively).

For years and years and years I have been privy to some very special people's secrets...their greatest hopes, their biggest fears and their most incredible triumphs. I have listened and learned, been asked and advised, all the while being shaped and shifted into the man I am today. 

And I love the man I am today.

My gratitude must forever be extended the these incredibly remarkable women (and men) for not merely entrusting me with their HAIR but also with their HEARTS. What better way to say THANK YOU than to speak their words to you, to add their ripples to your ponds so that at the end of the day I will not be the sole beneficiary of this treasure.

So... welcome to my world, its wondrous, magical, tragic, and really funny all at the same time.

Now, lets get you shampooed and get started.. shall we?



  1. now, i know some of these stories already...i only hope that you include one called..."what stated when i hired the best assistant ever!!!" LOL! have fun telling stories and swimming in memories!!!

  2. Oh, I just know this is going to be a most entertaining blog!

  3. I see a screenplay in your future!