Sunday, December 19, 2010

Five Salon Days 'till Christmas

December in a Hair Salon is a curious thing.

Historically it is one one our busiest times of the year.

I have already tweeted that I feel as though I am in a "glittery, candy filled, cloud full of hairspray".

That pretty much sums it up..

December begins...
And then...SNAP, it's over..

Our Salon is beautiful this season..
Lots of silver and sparkle..
Ella Fitzgerald Christmas music fills the air..
And we are creating a little differently than we usually do..

A little more heart.
A lot more gratitude.

I love this time of the year,
And I have been noticing something different.

A slight shift in priorities,
A giant shift in what's important.

I have been getting more thank you's this season..
More kisses and hugs..
More baskets of homemade treats..
More holiday cards with lovely family photos..
More hand made treasures being literally.....delivered by hand..

Times are tough guys..
People are struggling..
Jobs have been lost..
And money is tight..

Our Salon is extremely fortunate..

We are busy....and loved.....and our doors can stay open.

I feel for those that are not as lucky this holiday season.

5 more salon days until Christmas..
Ah... Breath and Smile.



  1. Lovely... the age of translucence has begun...

    Joy! xx

  2. And a very Merry Christmas to all of you. May your festive season be filled with laughter, joy and most of all - lots and lots and lots and lots of love.... XX

    I will raise a drink to you at 2pm (UK time) on 25th. Wherever you are at that time - raise a glass to me too. A trans-continental toast - wicked !!!