Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Box

Every night the kids would gather outside of Grandpa's door and listen.
That night, as every night, they could hear him struggle to reach that old tin box he kept locked and hidden under his bed.
The same box they were sure he thought no one knew about.

Over the years the speculations had grown.... What was in the box? How much was it worth? Who would he leave the treasure to?

Every night they heard him shake the old tin..... they could hear the sound it made..... perhaps Grandmother's old jewelry?
It made a rattling noise........ perhaps old coins from his childhood in Italy?

What ever it was they would surely finally benefit from their sourly old Grandfather when he was gone.
The same old man that never smiled, never laughed.

The day finally came, he was gone..... they nearly ran each other over to get to that box.
They knew where he had kept the key.

The eldest Grandchild insisted he open the box, it was HIS birthright.

They all gathered around as the key easily fit into the opening, as he ever so slowly opened it's lid.

There it was, the treasure they had been waiting for.

The treasure that had consumed them the last precious years of the old man's life.

The treasure they had waited to gain after his death rather than hope to gain during his life.

A box full of rocks!

Grandpa looked down from heaven and finally........smiled and laughed

A warning as told to me by my dear client Nancy Gallo.

We would sit and laugh in the salon when she told me that story......

I don't know where the story came from.
I don't know if she was once one of those grandkids, or if perhaps she was now, nightly, shaking a box.

I do know that I always walked away with a gift from Nancy.
That lesson taught me that we have to search out the treasures in people now while they are present.
We have to use all the keys we have to open up those precious little tins and not leave one rock unturned.


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  1. Brilliant! I will meditate on that thought all day... love to you xx