Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Little snip - Jacquie Kimberly


"Everyone, may I please have your attention?"
"let's all raise our glasses and toast the newly married couple... BJ and my darling, darling Henry."

"May your life together be as magical and as beautiful as ours (referring to the love of her life, Susan Lynch), and to my wonderful Henry, I am here for you now... and I will be there for you at the divorce!"         ~cheerfully raises her glass~

From my first wedding (circa 2001) as toasted by my amazing client and friend, Jacqueline Kimberly.
One-time Kleenex Heiress~Roxanne Pulitzer cohort~ and obvious psychic (boy was she right)

Jacqueline Trezise Kimberly
June 13, 1950 - Jan 1, 2006


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